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Office Address
Ruko Bolsena Blok E No 6
Gading Serpong, Banten 15810


Decking made of
Husk and
Plastic Waste.

Constructing buildings with Plana Wood can save trees and reduce plastic waste.

Who we are

A Social Enterprise Revolutionizing Plastic Recycle.

A lot of organizations, even corporations have begun their recycling programs. Converting waste into products to be used once more. However, we see a minimum impact to restore our earth or even make our planet a sustainable environment for future generations because its single use behavior. So the problems still remain.

Our solution is to convert all kind of plastic waste to become a new material that can be used as a building blocks for our community that lasts for decades. With your help, we can upgrade the idea of recycling to a point where it is really impactful for the future of our planet.

Why we do this

By 2025, plastic waste leaking into our oceans could increase to 780,000 tonnes / year.

What's in our mind

Recycling is not enough.

Plastic is strong, flexible, and durable. It is extremely useful but it never breaks down. Recycling it and converting it into other short living product doesn’t solve the problems.


If plastic is recycled over and over again, the quality will reduce and at worst it will end up in the marine environment causing even greater problems. That’s why we come up with a different solution.


We convert plastic waste and husk to become materials for architectural support that lasts for decades. Transforming mountains of waste to architectural masterpiece. Therefore, removing harmful plastic waste from environment, saving trees, and help farmers.

Tons Waste Recycled
Saved Trees
Helped Farmers

100% unsorted plastic waste

Plana Brick.

Plana’s solution to solve “expensive recycle” problem. Made of all kinds of unsorted plastic waste and is stronger, lighter, and has 95% lower carbon footprint than ordinary concrete brick.

Next generation of wood

Plana Wood.

Made of husk and plastic waste to replace wood and wood plastic composite, saving our earth from waste and deforestation.

Contact details
Phone / WA:
+62 813-851-851-80
Office address

Ruko Bolsena Blok E No 6,
Gading Serpong,
Banten 15810,