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Ruko Bolsena Blok E No 6
Gading Serpong, Banten 15810

About Us

A Revolutionary Plastic Expert and Visionary Environmentalist.


We grew up with plastic as an important part of our lives with a family business in plastics manufacturing that gives us a decent life and opportunity to get a good education, live comfortably and to travel.

Yes we love traveling, we love nature; mountains, forests, beaches, oceans. That’s when we saw how our nature has badly polluted by plastic waste.


As we grow older we realize that the plastics industry, which makes life easier for people, is also having a negative impact on our nature, our planet, and our future.

After a long discussion and research, we realized that the cause of this is our wrong behavior in using and treating plastic.

For more than a century since plastic was first invented, we have taken plastic for granted.


Without realizing it, we have created more than 10 billion tons of plastic waste damaging our earth.


Only 9% can be recycled.


Plastic waste has gotten out of control.

Let's Create
A Movement

We are moved to create an awareness, a movement to change our behavior in using plastics and to find new innovations in recycling plastics into products that last much longer and damage our nature less. We believe it is our responsibility to restore our earth for future generations.
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We’re a team of plastic expert who are excited about unique ideas to create sustainable future by innovating the way plastic is recycled.