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Indonesia faces a plastic pollution crisis

Indonesia generates 7 million tonnes of plastic waste per year, and is growing by 5% annually.

4.8 million tonnes of plastic waste per year is mismanaged.

In ways such as being openly burned, dumped on land or in poorly managed dumpsites, or leaking into waterways and the ocean.

All for nothing

Anti plastic movements have started since 1970s, but nothing has changed.

For a long time, the techniques of cleaning and separating mixed plastics in major kinds of resins has not been developed for large scale economic application. Therefore, no effective market mechanisms for trade in contaminated, mixed plastics. There is a serious doubt that it can ever be made viable on an economic basis. Recycling plastic the right way is
Hands with microplastics on the beach

In average, there are 325 microplastic particles per liter of bottled water.

This is caused by the disposal of plastic waste into the ocean from decades ago.

And here is the worst part.

Recently, microplastic particles are found in the placenta of an unborn baby for the first time.

The effect of mismanaged recycling has taken a toll directly on human.

According to researchers, these chemicals in the form of plastics can cause long-term damage in the baby’s developing immune system.

It is just a matter of time we will face the consequences.

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