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Office Address
Ruko Bolsena Blok E No 6
Gading Serpong, Banten 15810

Husk Plastic Composite

Plana Wood.

Next Generation of Wood

Newest recycling technology that saves our earth from plastic waste and deforestation.

Weather Resistant
Termite Proof
Fully Customizable
Won't Break

wood and wpc alternatives

Plana Wood Creation

Tile 60
Tile 30
Decking Solid
L Decking
Decking Hollow
Decking Parquet
Decking Solid
Beam 150
Decking With Cover

Better alternative to wood or wpc decking

Why Plana Wood is better
than wood and other
composite product?

Good deeds for all

The peace of mind
that comes with
Plana Wood.

We love the beauty of natural wood. However, if we use it for building materials it means we contribute to deforestation, cutting down trees that local wildlife depend on for food and shelter.

While preserving the beauty of natural wood, Plana Wood doesn’t use any wood at all. Our product is made of husk and recycled plastic.

Let's collaborate to make a better world

We want to pioneer a new concept of sustainable future.

Illustration of reforestation from waste
Contributes to Nature with Reforestation

Plana Wood don’t use wood, more people using Plana Wood means the demand of wood will decrease and tree logging will decrease.

100 meters square Plana Wood saves around 27 trees.

Illustration of people removing waste from beach
Removes Plastic Waste from Landfill and Ocean

Plana Wood is made of recycled materials from plastic waste and husk. Let’s convert plastic waste into architectural masterpiece.

100 meters square Plana Wood saves 1.5 tonnes of waste.

Illustration of a happy farmer
Gives More Prosperity to Local Farmers

Plana Wood use husk bought directly from local farmers with higher price to help them to have a more prosperous decent life.

Currently 102 local farmers have became our supplier.

Inspiration from Plana Wood