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Plana Brick.

Newest solution for plastic waste

Made of all kinds of Plastic Waste.

There is no need to sort plastic waste. Plana Brick make recycling more efficient and more useful.


Easy to build.

With interlocking modular system, constructing buildings become as easy as stacking toys.

Plana Brick Interlocking Modular System
Plana Brick also have several advantages over conventional bricks – they are lighter, 10 times stronger, great at insulating against noise, and also 95% lower carbon footprint. Thanks to our interlocking modular system, construction become faster and easier, hence the budget of creating buildings become much cheaper.
Plastic Waste

How Plana Brick Can Save The Earth?

Currently, Indonesia is facing a plastic pollution crisis. According to National Geographic, an astonishing 91 percent of plastic doesn’t actually get recycled. Even worse, out of 9 percent of plastic that is recycled, almost all of them are actually downcycled. The reason is the cost. A report shows that it is way cheaper and more effective to send plastic waste to landfill than recycling it.

Fortunately, Plana Brick has the solution. To solve the recycling problem, we create a technology to be able to recycle all kind of unsorted plastic waste. In addition, with our technology we convert plastic waste into building blocks that can last for decades.

If we take an average, materials for an average foundation house weigh about 150 tons. Moreover, report from shows that Indonesia needs at least 1.4 million new house every year. Theoretically, at least we can convert 210 million tons of plastic waste into houses every year.

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