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How To Save The Earth From Plastic Waste
For Real

Did you know that most of plastic recycle is a scam?

Currently most of plastic products in supermarket is recyclable.

However, from all those billions of tonnes of plastic waste, only 9% of that was recycled. The rest are accumulated in landfills or ocean.

According to American Plastic Industry Internal Memo, recycling plastics poses greatest challenge.

Fortunately, we have found the solutions.

We appreciate and support how others are spreading awareness about the bad side of plastics, environment destruction, global warming, climate change, massive scale deforestation, and other environmental problems.

However, every year global plastics production is increasing exponentially.

chart of global plastics production

From the chart above, we can see there is a short downturn in annual production in 2009 and 2010. It was the result of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Therefore, we are sure there is a correlation between people’s buying power and global plastics production.

Things we can do to reduce plastic waste.


Avoid using single use plastic products.

Carry reusable utensils such as reusable straw and tumbler in your bag.


Put your plastic waste in the correct recycling container.

Separating each waste into groups is costly and time consuming, by doing this you will make recycling more efficient.


Shop in bulk with fewer packaged products.

Buy products with refilling stations with your own reusable packaging.


Tell people the importance to reduce plastic use.

Setting up an example by cleaning up your neighborhood or your favorite beach, the impact will increase exponentially.

Plana solution color texture

Bonus Tip

Use a long lasting recycled plastic product.

Plana Innovation

Converting waste into building blocks of architectural masterpiece.

We think the most long lasting thing that will always be used is building.


Therefore, we developed a solution for plastic waste to be recycled as materials that can be used to build or decorate buildings.


We combine all kind of plastic waste with husk making it stronger and last longer, so it will not end up at the dump or in the ocean.


Another benefits are:


  1. Saving trees. By using plastic waste instead of using wood, less trees will be cut down. In long terms we hope deforestation will be gone, bringing back half missing forest we waste.
  2. Reducing global warming. With less plastic waste and less husk, we hope that waste burning is also become less. Therefore, also reducing air pollution.
  3. Helping farmers. We buy the husk from our local farmers. Not so long ago, husk is considered useless. By using husk, we can help improving farmers’ life by increasing their fortune a bit.

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